Cursed treasure walkthrough

cursed treasure walkthrough

Level 13 – Halls of the King. Difficulty: Hard Waves: Which king, specifically, I have no idea. There are a few viable approaches to this level, depending on. So powerful is the ninja, in fact, that you can essentially divide all enemies in Cursed Treasure into categories: ninja and non-ninja. Non-ninja enemies can be. Kongregate Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! TACTICS!!! I would really thanks an image walkthrough for level 14 Mar 25, 8.

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Extra tower exp and upgrade discounts, and the top-tier specials are nice too. A strategy that targets ninjas, OTOH, will probably kill every other enemy type as a side effect. Really came in handy for me on fast multiple meteors for ninja bosses and quick cutting for gold. After a few waves, then expand outwards. Just finished all brilliants. Online spiele gratis download throwing in the towel, since at this point it's pure luck whether I get him or not. I didn't notice at first that there was a fast-forward button. The game stretches over twelve weeks, each containing three to five levels similar to worlds. What level is the fastest to beat and gives a decent amount of exp at the same time? I love this game and finished it with complete stats, the amount of features it got remind me the joy of playing warcraft 3 tower defense custom maps. Finally, towers gain experience every time they damage an enemy. The way ninjas work is that they become invincible after they get hit. This is my setup for level 15 brilliant. The game ends if people manage to steal all of your gems, and your goal, naturally, is to prevent this from happening. Looking for a publishing partner that can help your app rocket to success? More Resources Calculators Resources Library Directories Blogs Ask Showcase Masters of Engineering Management. At level 4, each tower can be upgraded to one of two advanced tower types, gaining a new special ability. The idea of your lives being actual items that are taken off the map really makes you rethink your tower placement, particularly if they're lying around for some time. Of course, this doesn't mean the greedy would-be thieves don't have a trick or two themselves. Play thousands of free online games for kids, get access to free mmorpg games, online rpg games, fun online flash games, and. They attack ninjas very quickly to force them to go invisible. Apart from the high ground and mana pools, the best spot for building towers on this map is the wall of snow in the northwest corner of the map — Crypts built here will be able bubble online game counter enemies on both sides of the map. These 2 will also help guard the gem cave. cursed treasure walkthrough Poison Clouds and Blaze help weaken ninjas for quick kills near the end. Your Favorite Games edit add. Use our game submission form. The tower i forget which, ballista? I think nothing to use The Temple will hit first and Daze the ninja, slowing him down and allowing most of the Den projectiles to hit him with splash damage. The Small Forest is mainly a tutorial level, but I will recap some of the important events in this area and list.

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It has tags building, defense, and tower defense. That means your towers have to score at least two hits, but at the speed he moves it's less than 5 seconds between the entrance and the gem cave on each of those levels. This was my final build: For the second, Burning Temples will probably work better. Patterson I usually go with the dens at high ground, if you get them to orcish den with the critical hit and shooting fast as the northern wind they're great I started with the crypts at high ground, but they just take too much time to get the ammunition ready, so I feel it's not worth it And the increase of the range of the temples it's not so great on high ground, but if you have a high ground with nothing around it, a single square on the middle of the road that is, then it's cool to place a temple there and evolve it to that area-damage temple thing. Combined with a strong initial hit from a tower, it should be more than enough to stop them. I get everything with a den maxed out at the opening 2 to be specific and he still makes it to the cave and out just a little bit.

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Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Walkthrough - Level 1 Brilliant In this defense game, you'll need to place towers full of minions to stop the invaders at all costs the old-fashioned way; mainly, with searing lava, explosive ballistas, and mind control. Jul 6, 7: I have all the skills maxed and currently at character level After multiple attempts to get Brilliant on level 14 with crypts near the entrances I ended up putting burning towers on the high ground near the entrances. The Daze effect of the Hellfire temple usefully slows down enemies to allow your towers extra shots. I never used ballistas, and I put crit hit dens on high points only if I felt I had enough crypts already and a fire temple wasn't viable at that spot. I got all of the levels at brilliant, BUT

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