A long, white cat that's popular throughout /b/tards and the /b/ board. Usually photoshopped into funny pictures. Longcat is a nickname given to a cat who is quite long. Longcat is a real cat (obviously). For some reason when Longcat's uninspired owners named him, they must have overlooked the extremely. Many new lusers speculate that this cat is not lengthy, but it is in fact long. The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one side has the definition. Recently this unknown enemy has been identified schmetterling majong Tacgnol. About Rules Chat Random Schmetterling majong Welcome! Retrieved from " http: One day, there was a picture of a cat. Longcat Uploaded by Mister J. For some reason when Longcat's uninspired owners named him, they must have overlooked the extremely fucking huge length of the kitten, and they named her after her second most defining feature. Don't have an account? Longcat is Nyan Longcat Uploaded by tol. Well, that's Long Cat for you. Login or signup now! longcat Site Rules Style Guide RSS Feeds Chat. Wikipedia knows that Longcat is long and the longest. Longcat is a real cat obviously. Shortly after the first appearance of the image of tacgnoL, find another image, which seems to bolster the theory that two cats, both Longcat as tacgnoL since the beginning of the network have been there to balance it and allow the constant flow of data …". You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles.

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That year, a compilation of Longcat images was shared on Speak LOLSpeak [10] and in March , I Can Has Cheezburger [11] posted another compilation profiling her online history. Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History. No one know the EXACT date of the Kitten vs. However in the only recorded incident of a successful capture the ingestion of the Long Cat resulted in an overdose and its victim fell into a pancreatic coma. The war ended with the assassination of General Bonkers of the Cats. It was not Caturday but this specific cat was so long it became a meme and, though the day was not specifically the day of cats, this cat's length became famous. Never again will people have to buy dogs or get in their cars!

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Longcat is Long THE MOVIE Longcat Uploaded by amanda b. Fortunately, Short cats live longer and eat short mice and get frightened by Wide Dog. Participate Things to do Requested articles Requested images Report a problem What's happening Foreign Winx spiele club. A modified catnarok battle with Cerberus Cat, Ceiling Cat and God Kitty. Longcat is part of a series on Memes Visit the Memes Portal google spielen complete coverage. Use scrollbar to see the full image IRL Longcat. Another word for a ferret. This could be why there's never been a recorded sighting of the Long Cat doing anything other than wandering around with an apathetic, empty-minded stare upon its feline face. Apr 18, at Within minutes, replies started flooding into the thread as Anonymous prepared for what was expected to be the greatest Caturday in history. About Rules Chat Random Activity Welcome! Toolbox What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. The Long Cat was the inspiration for and subject of a musical written in by Victor Hugo and Elton John.

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